About Us

Imfrisa is a company with 47 years in the Ecuadorian market that belongs to the Group <a> from Colombia, that is present in several Latin American countries and with subsidiaries in Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico and the United States.

The Group <a> is made up of four divisions: Industrial, real estate development, mining and commercial, always consolidating strategic alliances and opening new markets within these areas.

We manufacture suspension modules for original equipment, we import, distribute and commercialize auto parts of recognized international brands for the replacement market, we started our operations in Ecuador in 1973 to provide our customers with the best spare parts generating peace of mind and security.

We serve the Original Equipment business through the just-in-time assembly and delivery of suspensions for GM OBB and we manufacture shock absorbers for both original equipment and replacement from our company Amortipartes.


We represent the best brands of auto parts


The production and commercialization of auto parts, the service provision to assemblers, with quality, ethics and profitability contributing to the development of the automotive sector.



Be recognized and identified in the Ecuadorian automotive market as a reliable supplier of quality auto parts and services, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients, the commitment of our human resource, the sustainability over time and respect for the environment.


Imfrisa guides the management of production and commercialization of its products to the satisfaction of the expectations and needs of its clients, through a competent human resource and the continuous improvement of its processes.


Thanks to serious work, focused on the development of skills, teamwork and continuous improvement processes, Imfrisa has received some recognitions and certifications that place it as a quality company, oriented to the satisfaction of its customers.



Award as supplier of
direct material 2011 and 2012



Award as supplier of
the year 2014 in quality, service,
technology and competitiveness



2014 supplier award of
chassis material,
suspension and powertrain



ISO / TS 2009






ISO 9001-2008



Our portfolio includes the best auto parts in the world.